Friday, November 9, 2012

Purposefully Primitive 3 Day Full-Body Split, Friday

-Pause Squat: 305x5, 315x4, 325x3, 340x2, 285x7, 285x7
*Probably one of the hardest squat routines I have done in a while. 2 second pause at the bottom or the "hole" of the squat takes every bit of momentum out of the squat and forces you to generate more power to finish. Bump 5lbs each set next week.

-Dumbbell Bench-Press: 85x5, 95x4, 105x3, 115x2, 75x7, 75x7
*Good weights however I think I can increase it. It was easier than I expected. Bump 10lbs per hand, per set.

-Conventional Deadlift: 355x5, 365x4, 385x3, 405x2, 455x1, 475x1
*Personal Record!!! New Deadlift max is 475! Absolutely stoked and will need to readjust my percentages next week.

-Standing Kettlebell Press: 50x5, 55x4, 70x3, 80x2, 45x7, 45x7
*Probably wasn't heavy enough to be effective. I might simply switch to dumbbells and do the Arnold Press...

-Standing Dumbbell Curl: 45x5, 55x4, 55x3, 55x2
*Forgot to do the last 2 back-off sets. I need to start slightly lighter and end possibly heavier. I might also turn this into a hammer curl instead.

-Standing Triceps Bar Extensions: 30x5, 70x4, 80x3, 90x1, 50x7, 50x7
*Start heavier, end lighter so that I do not miss reps but is still effective for growth. Also I only put the amount of weight added to the bar since I am unsure of the bar's actual weight.

*Overall workout is good, need to turn the biceps and triceps exercises into supersets to save time and remanage my rest timers to get a better effect.

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