Thursday, October 25, 2012

Purposefully Primitive Back and Biceps Week 2

Deadlift: 335x8, 355x6, 375x4, 385x2, 205x10, 205x10
*Either I was rather fatigued with starting my previous sets high, or I was having an off day but I had done a triple with 405lbs about 4 weeks prior to this and I felt weak as heck today. 225lbs felt heavy this morning... I possibly needed more of a warm-up.

Romanian Deadlift: 155x8, 175x6, 195x4, 205x2, 135x10, 135x10
*Good weights, can start higher next time though.

Hyperextensions: 35x8, 45x6, 55x4, 70x2, 35x10, 35x10
*Good finisher for my lower back, can bump more next week.

Bent Rows: 155x8, 185x6, 205x4, 225x2, 135x10, 135x10
*Great selections, however I probably could even out the sets more with poundage increases.

One-Arm T-Bar Row: 25x8, 35x6, 45x4, 55x2, 20x10, 20x10
*Great exercise! But need to bump up the poundage.

Straight Bar Curl: 30x8, 40x6, 50x4, 60x2, 20x10, 20x10
*Perfect weight selection, certainly finished off the biceps.

Rowing Machine Intervals: (30:30) 15 minutes
*Had to cut it short was running out of time. I should have simply finished and begged forgiveness later.

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